Why Hire a Feng Shui Expert

Feng Shui is an important aspect of our natural environment aligning the floor plan of your home to improve various aspects of your life.

Feng Shui also referred to fengshui, originates from ancient china as a powerful tool used by emperors for health and empire expansion. The art of Feng Shui uses energy forces in order to harmonize the person with their environmental surroundings. Feng Shui considers “Qi” defined as “invisible forces,” which refers to the energy that bind the earth, humanity, and universe together. How the Qi flows is most important to consider when you build and design a home, office or community to create the most uplifting environment for the people moving through and living in the space. 

When you’re considering ways to Feng Shui your home, you don’t have to go at it alone. There are many benefits to hiring a Feng Shui practitioner. Every room relates to an aspect of your life.  A Feng Shui expert will help you understand the chi flows and how you can improve all aspects of your life through health, relationships, career and money, as well as your spirituality.  Understanding the various layers of time and space in your very unique environment can be a confusing process where an expert will provide a clear path to creating a harmonized Feng Shui environment.  A Feng Shui expert will have powerful personalized knowledge to set you up to thrive, and work through obstacles in your life. Inaccurate sources can likely lead to inaccurate research knowledge and in turn result in less impactful results. 

8 Benefits of Hiring a Feng Shui Expert:

  1. Feng Shui training goes into details of how to map a space energetically to understand all the general aspect, the time flows over a long period and annual cycles, the personalized vibration of the people who live in the space and finally where your home taps into the compass energy field. 

  2. Feng Shui consultants are multidimensional, the professional reads the energy of the client along with the energy in the space. The consultant knows it’s not just what can be seen within the space. A Feng Shui expert will advise on furniture arrangement, color design, and activate the right elements with shapes and symbols to help create a space for you to flourish. 

  3. A Feng Shui consultant gets a “read” from the home to find the most pressing issue that needs to be concentrated on at that time. These areas include wealth, relationship, health and spirituality.

  4. The Feng Shui consultant will detect negative energy and replace it with positive intentions by clearing the space.

  5. Clearing out energies from experiences and people that lived or worked in the place before the current residents moved in is essential not to impact the lives of the current residents. 

  6. Children, pets and people coming through the space will notice the difference without knowing exactly what is different. People can pick up on the changes of the vibration in a Feng Shui space.

  7. Feng Shui will enhance the quality of your personal growth goals and overall wellbeing.

  8. You will reach your goals and overcoming difficult life experiences through hiring a professional who understands the intricacies of this ancient practice.

We spend the majority of our lives in spaces that have so much potential to uplift your life in the most impactful way. Feng Shui experts have powerful tools to uplift your home and impact your life in a powerful way.  

Live enlightened!

Lomé Pienaar 

Feng Shui Expert, Earth Energy Master Dowser, Intuitive and Space Healer

Enlightened Feng Shui