Your Personal Year Energy Number and What it Means for 2019

Determine your Personal Year Energy Number and ensure you are in tune with your 2019 numerology reading.  Lomé Pienaar, International Feng Shui Expert, discusses Energy Numbers, what they are, and how you can optimize your environment by understanding your personalized calculation.


I’m thrilled to be writing to you from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  It’s my first time in Canada, and I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such natural beauty and warm, friendly people.  It brings me joy to ring in the New Year with friends here, and as a result, inspires me to think about the Universal Energies we will share in 2019.


As a Feng Shui expert, Certified Diamond Dowser, and Home Healer, it should come as no surprise that I live my life with intention to activate goals and dreams for myself and my clients. Although setting intentions through the environment is a daily activity, there is no better time to rethink our personal goals and professional purpose with the New Year’s energy to propel our lives forward.   


If you are already one of my Feng Shui clients, you understand part of the process involves looking deeper into the layers of energy threads that flow through your environment.  For those of you new to Feng Shui, numbers are powerful symbols that steadily contribute to the subtle flows of activation surrounding us.  Pythagorus, the father of numerology and master mathematician, discovered this thousands of years ago. He understood the power of numbers in relation to our lives.


In Feng Shui, each element connects with a number and time.  Overlaying numerology and numbers with the time flows of Feng Shui, we can clearly identify how our environments will activate our lives for the coming year.  Numerology gives a specific meaning of value to numbers, one through nine.


We determine the current year’s vibration by adding up all the numbers and reducing that number to a single digit.  The only exception is if you find a number that reduces to two of the same like, e.g., 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc.  We call these master numbers and consider these numbers to hold double the energy, staying in this form without reducing down to a single number.


In relation to Universal Energy numbers, for example, 2018 was what we refer to as a Master Year 11. 2018 is calculated 2+0+1+8 = adding up to 11.  So, the 11 remains, emphasizing the double 1, and offers a set of significant lessons. 11 is specifically known to be the number with the most intuition of any other.  The energy of 11 is very powerful, and as you may have experienced, 2018 was a year of testing your inner voice. Listening to your heart and finding the truth in a situation was the enveloping vibration for our communities, both politically and personally. The master numbers are very detailed, but without spending too much time on last year, I feel compelled to discuss the energy of 2019, and what that means for us after a time of true introspection and realignment of our beliefs.  


Without further ado, let’s reflect on what your Personal Energy Number is and how it correlates with the year 2019.


Using the standard calculations for numerology, we find that 3 is the Universal Year Energy of 2019.  This calculation is generated by using the following formula:




2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12


Because 12 is not a master number, we reduce 12 to 1 + 2.


1 + 2 = 3.  Therefore 3 is the Universal Year Energy.


Three signifies an exciting, fun year where we will see more group work and collaboration between people.  Think of how three relates to your life.  Three speaks to creativity and expressing yourself socially through meaningful connections. Three is a fun, lighthearted number that brings joy and playfulness into our lives. You will find the general energy of this 3 year to be more harmonious and playful, both globally and through your community.  From this, we take the lessons and challenges learned from last year.  We then develop understanding of our reality and find alignment with what we actually find true to ourselves, and then apply these lessons in creative ways.  One way to manifest these Universal teachings this year is to collaborate with like-minded people. 


So how do we relate 2019’s Universal Energy number to your life?  There is a calculation where we can generate your Personal Energy Number and how this year’s global creativity and collaborative energy will relate to you with the following formula:


Birth Month + Birth Day + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = Your Personal Energy Number


For example, if your birth month is January (01) and your birth date is 10, the calculation would look like this:


1 + 10 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 23


2 + 3 = 5


As 23 is not a master number, we reduce 23 to a single digit (2+3), resulting in the number 5.


Now look at the numbers below to understand what your year might feel like, while keeping in mind this will help foster your goals, intentions, and resolutions to be more powerful.



Personal Energy Number 1:


One is all about new beginnings and new patterns. One is a solitary number and stands for leadership, just like the way the number one towers above other numbers.  Your year will have a many exciting new opportunities and interests coming your way. You just finished a 9 year, where many situations ended.  This last year may have been one where people possibly left your orbit in unusual ways to make space for the 1 energy.  This 1 energy will bring the new and better opportunities into your life that you’ve long been awaiting. 


Personal Energy Number 2:


Two is about partnerships. Most commonly associated with romance, couples, and intimacy, the 2 energy will have you connecting with people on a close one-on-one manner that nurtures a special bond and close connection.  


Personal Energy Number 3:


Three is the year of collaboration, creativity and adventure, just as 2019’s Universal Year Energy offers.  Be ready for boundless fun, new group connections in your life. 3 energy matches the Universal Year’s Energy, and you are most aligned with what is happening on a broader community spectrum.


Personal Energy Number 4:


Four energy is steady like a table, having four legs.  Four is a very grounding year, so focusing on the project at hand and putting robust effort toward your priorities and goals this year is key.  Be careful of not overdoing it, 4’s.  The 4 energy can have workaholic tendencies, so make sure to take breaks and have some fun along the way.  


Personal Energy Number 5:


Five energy suggests many turns in the road.  Just like the shape of the number five, starting with edges and then catching you by surprise with a curve at the end, the five holds a couple of interesting surprises.  Five is the number of unexpected windfalls like lottery winnings and lucky events.  There will be both highs and lows for you this year, so know that there is nothing stagnant about 5 energy and expect constant change to be on the horizon. The year will be filled with adventure and interesting turns. 


Personal Energy Number 6:


Six energy is related to the home.  You will be more in tune with cozying up indoors, decorating, and making your home space a more uplifting and beautiful environment.  With 6 energy, you may find yourself hiring an interior designer or working on home and craft projects in the coming year.


Personal Energy Number 7:


Seven energy is a spiritual and philosophical number. You will have the clarity to really go inward to explore your own belief patterns.  This will help test what is true for you.  You may shed outdated thought processes you’ve grown beyond and find they are no longer serving you.  7 energy is the most introspective number of all, so this year will be about developing your inner spiritual practice or beliefs.


Personal Energy Number 8:


Eight energy relates to business. 8 energy is about making money and building profitable systems related to your career.  You may notice being more interested in making wise career choices, paying more attention to the stock market, or even taking an interest in technologies that seem like good investments, such as crypto currencies.  This year is the time for you to explore and learn more about smart investments and vehicles to achieve your financial goals.


Personal Energy Number 9:


Nine is the last number of the range which identifies most with the humanitarian community. This year you will be more considerate of social consciousness and how you can make the world a better place. 9 energy may drive you to volunteer at a shelter or participate in meaningful programs to help make a difference in society.  



In closing:


Understanding your Personal Energy Number is a great start to setting intentions and aligning you with situations you feel drawn to.  I welcome your inquiry if you would like help determining your Personal Energy Number, or if you would like to understand how Feng Shui can optimize your well-being.


I wish you a healthy, happy 2019 and know that this year has many adventurous collaborations for all of us.  


Live Enlightened!


Lomé Pienaar


Feng Shui expert, Certified Diamond Dowser, and Home Healer