“By combining natural environmental flows and balancing elements in the right areas, we bring harmonious alignments to achieve our life goals drastically affecting our destiny”


I’ve always been inspired by the resilience of humanity and the ways we are able to transform our lives into anything we can dream. My inspiration for transformation has been a personal journey that I turned into a passion to give back to the world. I’m an eager student and teacher of the effect of environments.

Our spaces have the power to push us to the next level in living our full destiny or creating obstacles through which we keep on learning tough lessons. What I discovered in 10 years of metaphysical studies is that your home, office, community or any environment you’re exposed to for a long period of time has a subtle and powerful subconscious activation toward success or hardship. The ancient sages of the east held this information secret to a select divinely qualified masters to help build the empires of the Orient and support longevity of the royals and nobility. Earth energy was understood as the powerful driving life force in all things through space and layered with time. The cosmic energies contributed in their elemental nature to success, relationships, health and wisdom connection.

As a classical compass Feng Shui expert, a master dowser and earth energy researcher, I understand the intricate layered influences of the quantum field at play in our lives. The fine art of balance these natural forces will activate your destiny. My clients experience immediate transformation on a physical, emotional, psychological and in mental well being.

Based in sunny southern California and living as a global citizen continually studying the impact of ley lines and the earth grid, my life goal is to facilitate harmonizing and empowering individuals, families, collaborative groups, communities and conscious corporate structures. Driven by an adventurous spirit, I frequently travel to study ley lines in high energy locations like Stonehenge, Mt Shasta, Unite States, throughout Europe, Kilimanjaro Tanzania, and Asia.

My teachers are masters of Feng Shui from Europe, the Far East, ancient texts, scientific data gathered from master sources in the field. I proactively collaborate with communities, co-working, group spaces and homes to tap into the land energy itself by directing chi flows of the surrounding environment into spaces.  Working with the earth's vibrational field to direct the highest flows of chi into work and living spaces is a powerful ancient practice to increase productivity, clarity, health improvements and overall wellbeing.

In a nutshell, I maximize human potential and activate spaces that transform people.